Saturday, February 25, 2017

Club 21 Kids Sale

If you love quality and branded clothes, Club 21 Kids is your best bet especially it's on sale :) I bought these two tops for 50% off, Takashimaya is one of your best haunts for club 21 sale items.

Mango Kids mini Loot

I love January for so many reasons, it's the start of the year, it's my maternal's grandmother birthday month and it's the best time to shop for annual sales in Singapore (aside from the Great Singapore Sale or GSS). I went out with some of my mommy friends from Manila at Vivo and we had lunch at Jamie Olivers. And because it was the annual sale of Mothercare, we want to go to the Harbourfront branch! But we also saw that Mango Kids was still on sale and we decided to make a quick peek :)

Quick peek = Mini loot

All of them are less than 10sgd each :) Some are warm clothing like the wool sweater for our travels :)

super late post: Whisk & Paddle

I miss our old flat, it's quite far from the city but I miss it's suburbs charm :) I miss how i can walk to the train without using any umbrella even if it's raining cats and dogs. I miss our agent and landlords who are probably angels on earth. And I miss :) located at the heart of punggol prawning area, it's a 5 minute walk from riviera lrt. It's perfect for intimate parties, a romantic but cheesy overload date, family dine out or if you want to eat a good macaroni and cheese dish near the greenery while watching your kids play.

Whisk & PaddleAddress: 10 Tebing Lane, #01-01, Singapore 828836
Phone: +65 6242 4617
Fax: +65 6242 4634

Operating Hours (wef 1st Feb 2015) :Tuesday-Friday                                  3:30pm-10:30pm
Saturday/Sunday/PH                       9:30am-10:30pm
Closed on Mondays (except for PH)
*Kitchen closes 2:45pm-4pm every weekend/PH. Only drinks and desserts will be available.*

Friday, October 28, 2016

super late post: Christmas @ Makasuntra

This post is super overdue! i just want to post this for my "online diary purpose" :)

Last Christmas, my parents and our family not-so-little baby boy (he just turned 7!) flew to Sg to celebrate the holidays with us. We went to MBS for the Christmas displays and to Makasuntra for dinner :) As always, jampacked! Full of tourists pa din! And ang daming Pinoy haha!

I can't recall the exact names anymore of our orders haha! Sorry!

Of course,we had the famous chili crabs! But for me, mas masarap p din ang Crabs sa Eng Hoon! Will try to post about it hehe!

Tip: If you plan to dine at Makasuntra, bring lots of tissues. Sometimes, you need to clean the table and chairs. And bring lots of patience too! Minsan, matagal talaga ang mag intay ng seats haha!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Jatty, the Sioplet

When you have two siopao-faced parents, it's inevitable that you became a sioplet..... To my dearest blogosphere friends! Please say hi to my Jatty, the Sioplet! :)

This photo was taken during his first pedia check up, if I remembered correctly..he's around 2 weeks. I miss blogging and i think i can blog again. Fingers crossed, I can blog this weekend! i have tons of photos and drafts!

I'm happy to touch the keypad of the laptop again too! haha!

Goodnight from Mrs,Panda and my sioplet! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mothercare Sale 2016!

I always have a thing for baby stuff - those cutesy clothes, softest mitten, shoes for the tiny toes and even the muslin wraps! Whenever someone is pregnant among my circle of friends, I enjoy shopping for the gifts. And I check out the baby sections when shopping even if I don't have to buy anything.  Imagine how much I controlled myself not to buy when I learned that we were expecting our little sioplet!!!! Waited for the 6th month before buying anything, one the first day of our 6th month we immediately purchased some newborn clothes online and went to the mall the following day. LOL!

But we still waited for the boxing day sale and the Mothercare sale 2016! I was stalking their webpage for the online deals and learned there are better deals on the January 2016 sale. Last year, I already went to the Mothercare annual sale and I had no problem getting inside on the 4th or 5th day. I was monitoring the Facebook Page of Mothercare Singapore for the queue updates and the first day which is exclusive for the VIP holders was terrible, buyers were waiting for 3 hours to get in to the store (Harbourfront branch). I decided to go on the third day of the sale which is also the first day open to the public. Went there around 5pm and luckily, no more queue! Hubby arrived around 6:30pm and I already have few items on my shopping bag. It was a bit hot inside the store, maybe because of the crowd or maybe because I'm nearing my 7th month? :)

Initially, we wanted to buy Mothercare Roam, I even showed it to my parents when they were here for the holidays. But yesterday, I was informed it was pulled out and they were offering me the Mothercare Expedior. Then, I saw the Silver cross Wayfarer on sale! I always have a thing for Silver cross and I used to tell Mr. Panda that one day, we will purchase that pram system :)

Silver Cross Wayfarer in Chilli
-- Got it for 40 to 30 off from it's original price!

And here are some of our baby loots! We tried to focus on newborn needs! Mr.Panda was scolding me when I did my holiday shopping and I ended up buying 6-9 months and 9-12 months outdoor clothing. 

Set of 2 shorts for 0-3 months
from 19.90sgd to 10.00 sgd

My first mittens set of 3 per pack
from 9.00 sgd to 2 for 10.00sgd

Set of 7 newborn bibs with waterproof backing for 0-6 months
from 25.00sgd to 19.90 sgd

Set of 2 comfy pants for 3-6 months
sale at 10.00sgd

Daddy's Little Monster tshirt for newbaby 
from 11.90 sgd to 5.00sgd

Green comfy pants for 0-3 months
sale at 5.00sgd

Sleepsuit for 0-3 months 
sale at 5.00sgd

set of 3 sleepsuits for 3-6 months
sale at 25.00sgd

set of 3 cotton bodysuits for new baby
sale at 15.00sgd

set of 2 onesies for new baby
sale at 10.00sgd

set of 3 cuddle and dry robes (bath towels) 
from 34.90sgd to 24.50sgd

we liked the almost no-scent of this baby powder
sale at 5.00sgd

Mothercare Pram Shoes size1
sale at 10.00sgd

Mothercare Pram Shoes size 0
sale at 10.00sgd

And that's our Mothercare loot! Yes, it's crowded (of course, it is!) and some of their staffs are not fully aware of some details. Maybe, they should brief their sales staff and cashier more. The guy who assisted us at the strollers and pram system section told us that the wayfarer is not parent facing, but I just saw it on you tube a couple of minutes ago that it can be done (yes, i googled on the spot for the reviews) and the cashier staffs were not aware of the credit cards they can accept. Good thing I messaged Mothercare Singapore via Facebook weeks ago and I showed the cashier staff of the response of their e-commerce team. They do accept Amex and UOB/DBS/POSB for 0% installment payments. I'm impressed with their Facebook page and E-commerce team on how prompt and detailed they replied to me.

Plus points also that you have to claim the bulky items you purchased at the ground floor of Harbourfront centre across cold storage. Mr. Panda and I were able to have dinner without lugging around the huge box of the wayfarer. However, the cashier forgot to gave us our claim stub and we have to go back to the store to get it. We also waited for around 15 minutes at the pick up area for the wayfarer, but they were very apologetic and even assisted us with a trolley to the car pick up point.

I guess this Mothercare January Sale will be our yearly thing :) 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Who hearts Salpicao?

I'm overwhelmed with the messages of love from my dear readers! Thank you guys!  :)  even if I don't blog that often anymore, you guys are always in my heart. Speaking of heart, who hearts Salpicao?! 

We were supposed to go our last Friday for a mini celebration when we decided to stay home and have nice dinner instead, I wanted to surprise Mr. Panda but I was so sleepy the whole afternoon. I woke up at 6pm and dragged my feet to the kitchen. Unfortunately, we don't have that much stock in our fridge. Grocery shopping was due that weekend. We have chicken, pork and beef. But we already had steak the day before, so I took out the pork and chicken. And went to the pantry, the oyster sauce was staring back at me. lol! Ok, salpicao na ito. Haha.

Siopy Salpicao

1.Marinate together for 1 hour or so:

500 grams Pork or chicken ( I used 300 grams pork and 200 grams chicken thigh)

4 tablespoons oyster sauce

3 tablespoons soy sauce

2 tablespoons canola oil 

1/2 cup water

2 garlic cloves


3 cloves of galic for garnish and set aside

3. Saute
Marinated pork/chicken in 1 -2 tablespoon of canola oil until brown 

4. Serve

Add the toasted garlic for garnish :)

Please let me know if you enjoy our Siopy Salpicao! :)